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Why I don't recommend Microblading your hairline.

Ladies! This post is for you!

You're getting your brows microbladed and your technician says "hey, I could microblade your hairline! It will be amazing!"

Now, hats off to her or him for a little upselling. I'm sure they feel confident that what they are offering is a great solution. Is it?

If the technician does not do SMP I would definitely stay away. Why?? The pigment used for permanent makeup such as microblading, lip blush, powder brows, and eyeliner is totally different than what is used for scalp micropigmentation. Let me explain. Permanent makeup pigment with its wide array of beautiful colors is IRON based. The iron based pigments give gorgeous rich tones but these tones change over time as the body metabolizes the iron. I'm sure you've seen brows that 3 to 5 years later have gone from brown to a pinkish salmon hue or black brows that now look bluish. That is something you NEVER want to see on a scalp. Especially with the extremely precise SMP impressions. For scalp micropigmentation we ALWAYS use a CARBON based pigment. It allows the SMP to fade on tone over the 5 to 7 years. Carbon based pigments are basically black with 30 or more dilutions to create an ash tone.

Ok, so what if they have carbon based pigment? I would still stay away from microblading a hairline becuase hair moves. Moving hair and not moving lines will actually draw MORE ATTENTION to the area which is the last thing anyone wants. See the photo attached. The hairline looks ok (but still in my opinion unnatural) while the hair is pulled back like this. Think about how it's going to look when the hair is in ANY other direction. Even a slight difference will be super noticeable and unnatural.


SMP wins on ladies hairlines always! Why? Because it fills in a sparse area making it look thicker and fuller! It will never fade to a strange color! Believe me, a blue tint to the scalp is never a good look! It looks great no matter which direction your hair is going.

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