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Does Scalp Micropigmentation REGROW hair?

The biggest question I get asked is will SMP grow my hair back?

NO! Scalp Micropigmentation will not regrow hair. At this point it is extremely rare to grow hair back that has been lost to adrogenic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness). There are a few treatments that help to slow the hair loss process BUT once it's gone... IT'S GONE. At that point you have a few options.

Hair Transplant: Good option for people that have a lot of donor hair. Not always guaranteed. Very invasive. VERY EXPENSIVE

Hair System/Toupee: Good option for people that have to have that full head of hair. The downside- the maintenance and upkeep is time consuming and expensive. Also the glues and tapes can irritate the scalp. Cheap systems can be extremely obvious. A lot of men that wear hair systems are in constant worry that it will fall off. I have seen a few amazing systems but they are very expensive.

Scalp Micropigmentation: This is the perfect solution for men that already have a shaved head. There is no major lifestyle change- you keep shaving your head but now it looks like you have a full head of hair! You get a new hair line on the first session taking years off your look. Once the sessions are complete there is no real upkeep. It lasts for years with touchups every few years depending on your skin and preference. It is a great addition to a hair transplant for added thickness. It can also replace hair fibers by filling in thinner hair!

If you are wondering if you should get SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION for your hair loss needs book a consultation at Karbena SMP 778 241 2433.

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