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Why women LOVE scalp micropigmentation!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021


This post is for you! In the world of hair loss solutions for women there are so many options that it can become overwhelming to say the least. Hairpieces, wigs, toppers, integration units. And then you have all the fibers and shakers like Toppik and Million Hair. These are some of the terms I'm sure you've heard or solutions you've possibly tried to give the illusion of thicker fuller hair. I have been trained on ALL of them and wanted to share some information on scalp micropigmentation for lady's hair loss.

If you have never heard of it let me give you a quick overview. If you have heard of it then skip ahead to the benefits! Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP uses a carbon based pigment (think ink) to implant tiny follicle like dots into the scalp to give the illusion of thicker hair.


SMP is an amazing solution for ladies that feel that they can see too much scalp. It is best for medium to dark tones. But lighter hair can still benefit. It can fill out the baby hairs in the front hairline as well as the sides for a perfect ponytail!


*perfect ponytails

*camouflage thin areas

*waterproof -unlike Toppik and hair fibers

*semipermanent- the results from 2 to 4 sessions can last up to 5+ years!

*no maintenance for years

*worry free

Hairpieces, toppers and wigs definitely have their place and for some ladies they are the perfect solution. But there are a lot of clients that are over the constant upkeep of them. Having salon appointments every month to have their piece removed and reattached can be costly and tiring. The clip on and off, do it yourself type pieces, cut costs but require daily attaching. And then I have clients that always feel strange with a hairpiece. Like they wonder if people know. They wonder of people are staring at it. When done right hairpieces should be seamless but some can never get over how they feel. Lets talk about clients that are very active. This is where SMP comes in. 2 to 4 sessions can help to fill out the scalp and give the illusion of more hair. Most clients don't need any touchup for years. It is a worry free solution.

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